It is important to build relationships with positive people who will be your support system and your mentors throughout life. Your support system will consist of those who are closest to you whether that be family or friends.


Oftentimes searching for others who share similarities or have the same interests could deepen that relationship. At some point in life everyone goes through struggles and it is those connections which allow you to lean on one another in order to get through those difficult times. Positive relationships affect someone’s physical and mental health for the better which ultimately can change your outlook on life and attitude.


The people that you surround yourself with will help shape the person you grow up to be. Ultimately, positive connections will lead to positive life outcomes.


Connections can lead to:

  • Strong community
  • Healthy brain
  • Supportive relationships
  • Striving individuals


For more information contact Lucy Holms at Prevent Child Abuse Iowa, Connections Matter Program Manager.