All About Parent Cafés


The Child Abuse Prevention Council of Warren County aims to provide support, instruction and services to families in order to prevent child abuse throughout the county. This is done by partnering with other organizations and coordinating a variety of programs. One of these important programs is the Parent Café – a program developed by parents for parents with an overarching goal of strengthening families.


What happens at a Parent Café?

Parent Cafés use a structured discussion to allow an informal, participant-led dialogue. The program is designed to create a safe place to promote parent leadership and facilitate meaningful conversations. Parents have the opportunity to share their experiences, joys and concerns of parenthood with others in the community.


Who should attend a Parent Café?

Anyone who is parenting a child age 0-17 years old is encouraged to attend a Parent Café in their community. The Child Abuse Prevention Council of Warren County holds Parent Cafés for those interested, as well as a café for youth.


What is the Importance of a Parent Café?

The program introduces the Strengthening Familiesä Protective Factors:

  • Resilience: Parent Resilience
  • Relationships: Positive Social Connections
  • Support: Concrete Support in Times of Need
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
  • Communication: Social and Emotional Competence


Participants learn more about their strengths, how to create parent strategies and others’ experiences. Parent Cafés bring excitement and encouragement to all those who commit their time. In addition, Parent Cafés use a national evaluation to make long-term impacts.



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